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 How To Apply

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PostSubject: How To Apply   Fri Dec 15, 2006 5:16 pm

To apply to the Comanch alliance, start a new topic in this
forum with you Travian account name as the title. Answer the following
questions in your post. Voting and additional questions will be made
through your thread, 24 hours without a response will result in your request being deleted.

Before you apply:

* We are only interested in members in the NE

* We are not interested in sim-city players. You need to have an army and know how to use it.

* We are only interested in players that login multiple times per day.

* You must have functional use of english.

1) What is your travian account name?

2) Post a link to your player profile ( i.e.****)

3) Why are you interested in joining Comanche?

4) How will Comanche benefit from having you as a member?

5) Are you an offensive or defensive player?

6) What alliances have you been part of, and why did you leave?

7) What Timezone are you located in?
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How To Apply
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